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XSLFO Workshop
1 Day Onsite or 7-Hour Online Class and Hands-On Training

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This course introduces the eXtensible Stylesheet Language, or XSL -- also known as XSL with Formatting Objects or XSLFO, to distinguish it clearly from XSLT.  XSLFO provides the ultimate, standards-based solution to producing print and other presentation documents from XML information.  This course teaches XSL with a focus on producing PDFs, using Apache FOP as the formatting engine.  Though XSL is quite a dense technology, this one-day course provides a solid grounding in the basic techniques, and students will leave the course ready to tackle simple to moderately complex formatting tasks.


  • Describe the relationship between XSLT and XSLFO, and their roles in the typical XML-to-print production process.
  • Understand the formatting objects model, including the concepts of page, area, block, and line.
  • Build page masters and master sets to define common page layouts and area models.
  • Build page sequences to produce body, header and footer content.
  • Format content using blocks, inlines, lists and tables.
  • Take explicit control of document pagination.
  • Apply properties to formatting objects and use XSLFO's property-inheritance model effectively.
  • Build tables of contents and embed hyperlinks into documents
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