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This course will teach you the basics of XML: its syntax and the concepts of a content model. In addition to this, students who complete this course will be able to use the Unicode and XML processing capabilities of the IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS compiler. This enables students to build routines to convert Web-originated XML transactions to classi c COBOL data structure based transactions and back.

Audience: Experienced z/OS or OS/390 COBOL application programmers. Students should already be familiar with the COBOL compiler family and its capabilities.

Objectives: This course will teach you how to:

  • Understand the role and value of XML in client/server and Internet computing.
  • Describe the attributes of Unicode, and explain the difference between the three formats of Unicode data (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32) Write well-formed XML documents.
  • Code Unicode data items, Unicode literals, and Unicode hex literals in COBOL programs .
  • Use intrinsic functions to convert between code pages including EBCDIC, ASCII, and Unicode.
  • Describe the basic rules for XML document structure .
  • Invoke the IBM high speed XML parser from a COBOL program to extract data from an XML document into a COBOL record structure.
  • Use the XML GENERATE statement to create XML data from a COBOL data structure.
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