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XML for the Enterprise
5 Day Onsite / 35-Hour Online Class and Hands-On Workshop

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This comprehensive course provides a full tour of the most prevalent XML standards, and introductory-to-intermediate training in each: XML itself, XML Schema, XSLT, and XSLFO. This is a great fit for students who are planning to work extensively with XML in the near future, as it gives a good grounding in how to manage XML information, define XML models (using XML Schema), transform XML information to text, HTML, or other XML formats (using XSLT), or to print-ready PDFs (using XSLFO).

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the broad influence of XML on emerging software architectures.
  • Understand the roles of XML Schema, XPath, XSLT, XSLFO, parsing APIs, and Web services in the broader scope of XML technology in software applications.
  • Write well-formed XML documents to express simple or complex document content.
  • Write DTDs to set rules for XML document validation.
  • Read and write XML using namespaces to import type information and to partition the XML namespace.
  • Use XML Schema to validate XML documents.
  • Define simple types, and use value restrictions and enumerations to constrain values.
  • Create complex types, including simple types and other complex types, and empty- and mixed-content types.
  • Write simple and complex queries into XML document content using XPath.
  • Transform XML data into plain text, HTML, or XML formats.
  • Describe the relationship between XSLT and XSLFO, and their roles in the typical XML-to-print production process.
  • Transform XML data into FO documents, and format those into PDFs.
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