What Makes the DB Machine Special

A Database Machine consists of two sets of Linux* machines. There’s one set of Linux machines that we call compute nodes, and these have masses of CPU, masses of RAM, and they run your database instances.

There’s a second set of Linux machines that have a vast amount of disk space. These are your storage tier, and it’s the Exadata software that links the compute nodes to the cell nodes, the cell nodes of the storage machines.

Now, you cannot install the Exadata software independently. It comes pre-installed on your DB machine. I think, with earlier releases, it was possible to license Exadata software independently and install it on your own box, but certainly with the current release, you cannot get it unless you buy a DB machine.

Well, what does Exadata deliver? It delivers certain capabilities that you cannot get in any other environments, and these are the abilities that we’ll be studying in the next few slides. The Smart Scan, that’s the one that gets all the publicity. It’s the ability to offload a large amount of the SQL processing from the database tier from the compute nodes to the storage tier to the cell nodes. You have a storage tier that is aware of the database and can take over some of the workload of executing your SQL.

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