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Session 2 -Tutorial Agenda




>> John:  Now what I want to run through in our lunch time – well, lunch time depending on the time zone. Now our session today is the ability to clone databases. I’ll go through why people clone databases very briefly as I’m sure some of you get extremely frustrated with continuous request from end users to clone databases, but some of you don’t, in which case I’ll run through some of the common reasons for cloning databases.




And a very quick look at the traditional method of cloning databases, which I’m reasonably sure many of you will be doing already one way or another. But what I want to concentrate on then is a new technique for cloning databases introduced with the later releases of 11g and formerly documented in 12c. Very powerful indeed, potentially very powerful.


Cloning a multi-terabyte database theoretically can be done in just a couple of minutes and with regards to stress on the hardware it isn’t really fast, it takes no disk space or minimal disk space at least. It’s easy, not prone to error.


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