Introduction to Oracle SQL Tuning for Beginners

Are you just beginning to learn how to tune Oracle SQL statements? This free tutorial introduces a tuning methodolgy, a few basic tuning concepts and provides a demonstration of explain plan and autotrace for getting an execution plan.

Intended Audience: Oracle Database developers, DBA’s, Analysts and anyone who codes SQL for Oracle Database who are not familiar to SQL Tuning.

Presented by Dave Anderson and Oracle Certified Master John Watson

Highly recommended next step: How to Read an Execution Plan

This free tutorial is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. SQL Tuning Methodology and Basic Optimization Concepts (Lecture)   (28)
    Lecture covering a tuning methodology and a few basic optimization concepts.
  2. Challenge Review   (8:33) (click on video below)
    A review of the challenge presented at the end of part 1. (unedited)
  3. Tools – SQL*Plus Autotrace and EXPLAIN PLAN   (33)
    Demonstration of a couple of investigative tools to help retrieve and understand execution plans: SQL*Plus autotrace and Explain Plan.

Date: Apr 8, 2016

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