Thomas P. Anglim

Java Guru

Skill set

Technical Certifications

  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • Sun Certified Solaris System Administrator for Solaris
  • Oracle Certified Java Instructor
  • CompTIA Linux+ Certification
  • Linux Professional Institute

Language Skills

  • Java
  • Java EE
  • C++
  • ANSI C
  • Ada

Development Tools

  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • JDeveloper
  • WSAD
  • RAD
  • Spring Tool Suite

Java Frameworks

  • Spring Core
  • Spring MVC
  • Struts
  • ADF Faces
  • JSF/Trinidad
  • JSF/SeamFaces
  • JPA/EclipseLink
  • Hibernate

Scripting Languages

  • Korn Shell
  • Bourne Shell
  • C Shell
  • JavaScript (AJAX)
  • extJS
  • jQuery
  • PHP

Operating Systems

  • Solaris
  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • VMS

Tom Anglim is SkillBuilders “All-Things-Java” Guru. He is also a specialist in Solaris and Linux OS’s.

Tom has deep technical knowledge and experience in object-oriented programming, web programming and Unix/Linux based systems. He also has vast understanding of enterprise information technology and contemporary business practices.

Tom also spent time working with Auto-trol Technology Corporation as a senior technical member of the Government Sales Team where he conducted seminars and technical briefings. Tom also supported large multi-vendor UNIX networks running engineering and document management applications.

With science and engineering degrees from Temple University, Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, Tom delivers concise presentations while creating a relaxed learning environment. Students regularly comment on his ability to simplify complex ideas and share his knowledge of industry best practices.


  • Newport News Public School, December 2013, On-site classroom custom C# training for experienced developers, internal staff in the school district..
  • Iowa State University, August 2013, On-site classroom Java language and Spring training for Kuali Rice developers, internal staff at Iowa State.
  • Info Image, October 2012, On-site custom Java and Spring training for internal staff.
  • Deltek, March 2012, Custom Java, Spring, EJB training for internal staff. On-site classroom.
  • rSmart, January 2012, Java Training,Custom Java language training for Kuali Rice developers.

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