Oracle APEX Application Development Case Studies

Global Medical Company, Time Monitor Application

In 2019 SkillBuilders was asked to help extend the existing functionality and most importantly work on performance optimizations, after the original Monitor Time Tracking Tool application was designed and built in APEX 3.1.2 by a Fortune 500 Global Medical Company support team.

Not only did the SkillBuilders team (Tyson and Lino) delivered on time and budget but also extended the deliverables by migrating the old APEX theme to the latest Universal theme; all APEX PL/SQL code was reviewed, optimized and improved; legacy JavaScript code was re-done using built-in Dynamic Actions making long term applications support simpler and easier.

This dramatically increased application popularity as the UI was modernized and running significantly faster with improvements done on the legacy code.

The great work was appreciated by the Global Medical Company team making Skillbuilders their APEX support partner of choice!

Santa Monica College, MyEdPlan Application

SkillBuilders completely renovated Santa Monica College’s (SMC) Oracle APEX Application known as “MyEdPlan”.

MyEdPlan is an internet-facing application that allows students to create their educational plan based on SMC enrollment requirements. It is one of the important applications that SMC students use.

MyEdPlan is built entirely using the latest techniques (Apex, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, drag and drop, etc.) and works on the PC and mobile devices.

Due to SkillBuilders extra attention on the user-interface with intuitive operations, the student is now able to create a complex education plan with almost no online nor counselor-based assistance. The system helps the student during the entire process the the creation of their education plan and immediately alerts the student when date/time conflicts occur, non-compatible or non-compliant courses are selected or similar situations occur.

Because of the specific nature of an education plan and the large amount of context information that is needed, using standard design patterns were no longer sufficient. Therefore new UI components were designed and built that are suited for the functions they need to support. Also a completely new color-design was created that suits a modern college as the SMC.

The application is 508 American Disabilities Act compliant, thus the application is not only operable with the mouse, but also operable solely using the keyboard. The application also supports a screen reader.

Stanford University

Since 2011, SkillBuilders development team has been a key asset and extension to Stanford’s Oracle APEX projects. Our personnel provided systems analysis, development and provided a source of ongoing application review and best practices. Projects include Conflict of Interest, SERA, and FASA. In addition to application development, SkillBuilders has also provided on-site instructor-led APEX training to Stanford University developers.
Stanford University School of Medicine

In 2012 and 2013, Skillbuilders provided an Oracle APEX solution (analysis, design and development) for the Stanford School of Medicine, Information Resources & Technology Data Center.

The center runs a server hosting service for non-IRT School of Medicine departmental servers. Prior to SkillBuilders solution, the administration of the information and processes needed to support the full life-cycle of the servers was highly manual employing spreadsheets, email records, wiki notes and help-desk tickets. Skillbuilders Oracle APEX solution consolidated the information into a single repository providing the ability to track all processes from initial customer inquiry, through server and software installation, configuration, human resource planning, warranty, maintenance and service charge allocation.

Brown University Administration

Since 2008, SkillBuilders has trained Brown University developers and Oracle Administrators in new skills vital to the Universities success. This includes Oracle Database performance tuning, new features, RMAN, Enterprise Manager / Grid Control and Grid Infrastructure. For developers SkillBuilders has provided education in Java Programming, Servlets, JSP, XML, Ruby on Rails and more.

Brown University Facilities Management

In 2008, SkillBuilders began the design and development of an Oracle APEX-based Energy Efficiency Management Tracking and Workflow application. This internet-facing APEX application (called “Brown Energy Efficiency”, or “BEE”) allows vendors to input estimated energy savings for planned construction and upgrade projects for university buildings. The data is then used to calculate Greenhouse Gas reduction and Internal Rate of Return for each project. Management is automatically notified when new projects await approval. Approved projects move through various workflow stages, including comparison of actual savings against original projections. Today, “BEE” remains a mission critical application for Engineers, Project Managers and vendors at Brown’s Facilities Management division.

In November of 2008, SkillBuilders was an instrumental partner in the deployment of this APEX application. The technology at the time included Oracle APEX 3.2, Oracle 9i, Oracle Application Server (OAS / iAS), Apache FOP. Since, SkillBuilders remains the sole Univertiry partner for BEE application enhancements and upgrades.

In 2011, Skillbuilders assisted Brown University in developing an Oracle Application Express application to add extensive reporting functionality to its legacy facilities management system. The application leverages APEX’s powerful Interactive Reports, one of the key features of APEX.

SkillBuilders also provides ongoing data center support such as Server Migrations and Database Tuning.


SkillBuilders designed and installed active standby using Oracle Database Standard Edition, which supports Soraa production line. SkillBuilders also provides Oracle licenses, in this case saving Soraa tens of thousands (perhaps hundreds) by advising customer Standard Edition would meet customer requirements.

We also implemented RMAN backups, Alert/Incident monitoring and general database tuning. We remain on-call for support issues.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

On-site (Washington, DC) Oracle APEX training for experienced team of developers. Customer testimonial:

“We had a great APEX class with Tyson Jouglet. He was very knowledgeable and provided an informative class that was interesting for the students. We are grateful for his patience with our technical hurdles and appreciate that you had a back-up plan ready to go if needed. Thank you for your very professional services and we will certainly keep you in mind for any future training needs”

North Carolina Department of Labor

In 2012, SkillBuilders provided the Department of Labor in North Carolina state government with a turnkey APEX configuration, i.e. everything they needed to start deploying internal and internet-facing APEX applications. This included database installation and patching, APEX and APEX listener configuration, Java container (Glassfish) installation and configuration and assistance with firewall updates.

SkillBuilders continues to provide Oracle Database, APEX and infrastructure support; patches, upgrades and troubleshooting.


SkillBuilders provides ongoing Oracle Database advanced administration training. This includes Oracle Data Guard, Administration and Performance Tuning training. One student, who provided a perfect 5.0 score in his post-course evaluation, exclaimed, “I really enjoyed John as my instructor. He was extremely professional, personal, and deeply concerned about us understanding the concepts of in this course.”

Oracle Corporation

SkillBuilders teaches 12c Database new features to Oracle Corporation employees. We developed a custom course and have delivered it 12 times and counting! We also teach other subjects such as Oracle Database Performance Tuning and Data Guard Administration.

Boehringer Ingelheim

In addition to training BI developers Oracle database, SQL and APEX development, SkillBuilders provides on-going application design reviews, planning and development assistance. This greatly increases adherence to APEX best practices.

SkillBuilders also integrated Oracle BI Publisher with BI APEX applications.


When Waters Corp software customers needed a tool to manage ASM disks, non-ASM disk, RMAN backups, imports/exports, monitor and send alerts, manage database users (e.g. password management), SkillBuilders developed an integrated Oracle APEX solution. The “Waters Database Manager”, or WDM, also provides other general management functions such as job scheduling and reporting.

GE Capital

GE Capital calls on SkillBuilders for highly reviewed Oracle APEX and UNIX training. For example, one UNIX course taught to 15 GE Capital technicians by expert Mick Hosegood scored an average of 4.85 (out of 5). One student commented,

“I thought the instructor was excellent. Mick Hosegood did a very good job. The course content and materials were also well done!”

Stretched (Extended Distance) Clusters / ASM

In 2010, Oracle Master John Watson was the development DBA (designer / implementer) behind the successful implementation of a stretched cluster (aka extended distance / geo-cluster). Here’s the story….

We all know what happens if the database that tracks passengers through security fails: the queues grow longer, and within minutes they stretch half way round the terminal. The database that tracks the baggage is as critical: thousands of bags stack up when they should be on the conveyor belts.

At this client (a large airport in Africa) it appeared that even Data Guard would not be adequate to keep things moving. Fast Start Failover with the Data Guard Broker is fast: it can initiate within seconds. But most DBAs will want to build in a delay of a few minutes. Then it takes time actually to switch over to the standby and reconnect all the sessions. That would have been too slow, given the speed with which chaos would escalate in that environment. And it would need Enterprise Edition licences.

RAC looks like the answer: near instantaneous failover of services and sessions from one instance to another if you lose a node. But it doesn’t protect you against losing the site. Or does it? Yes, if you set up a stretched cluster. At each of two airport terminals, we had a database server and a storage array, connected through a fiber switch. A separate ethernet gave the terminals on the security desks and the baggage scanners access, load balanced across both server nodes. ASM handled the mirroring. Losing a server node (not uncommon given erratic power suppliers and unreliable networks) caused all the broken sessions to reconnect (yes, we automated that) to the surviving node with a break in service time of only seconds. When the node came back online, ASM would re-synchronize the database copies. It really worked.

And, best of all, it worked with Standard Edition licences.

http://Watch Our Stretched Cluster Tutorial

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Manual Failover with Standard Edition

In 2013 we configured a manual failover on Standard Edition for an LED light manufacturer. This new company uses their Oracle database to keep their production lines moving – but the cost of Enterprise Edition and Advanced Data Guard is prohibitive and unnecessary, since our manual failover implementation will keep them up and running with 15 minutes of a failure on the primary server.

Advanced Queueing and Resource Manager

In 2008, Oracle Certified Master Administrator John Watson used his knowledge of Oracle Database features to create a clever solution to a performance problem. The client was maxed at 48,000 transactions per hour; John used Advanced Queuing and Resource manager to quadruple that. Read on…

SMSs make money – if you can process them fast enough

The volume of SMS traffic is unbelievable. This isn’t just people voting for a Simon Cowell show: it is requests for ringtones, wallpapers, jokes, games, who knows what else. Millions of SMSs, and they all generate income. Or they should.

At this client (a cellphone network operator in Africa) they were processing maximum 48000 requests per hour. More than that could not go through the database: the sessions just hanged. When the SMS aggregators were throwing messages at peak rate to the application servers, the queues would shoot out, and eventually the application servers would start dropping messages. Bad, very bad: that meant not just losing a sale, but probably losing a customer.

What is the answer to a scalability problem? RAC, of course. Well, not always. We investigated the transactions, and the problem was enqueue contention: the business model relied on a pyramid hierarchical sales structure, so concurrent transactions at a low level would block each other at a higher level. We had to explain: RAC can’t help with TX enqueues, and might make things worse. The answer: re-design the transactions to use Advanced Queueing. The low level updates put a message on a queue, and commit. Fast. Then de-queueing every few seconds would process a group of a several hunded updates as one logical transaction. Problem solved: now processing up to 160000 requests per hour.

But they wanted more. Rolling out a banking application for transferring funds from one subscriber account to another, all with SMSs, looked like doubling the request rate. And the box was already running at around 90% utilization. It was trime to look at processing priorities, and what else was running on that box. The “what else” was reports. Such as analyzing the effect on sales of a radio advert – in real time. This is important and the information needs to be timely, but does it really matter if the analysis take three minutes instead of thirty seconds? This is where the Resource Manager comes into its own. Not widely used and understood (a lazy DBA can just throw more hardware and Oracle licences at the problem) but in this case perfect. By setting up appropriate priorities, every sales request would respond fast no matter what the workload, and at times the reports would degrade.
Just another example of how enabling a couple of advanced features can save the need for more hardware and more licences.

North Carolina Dept of Labor | Raleigh, NC

SkillBuilders prepared the NC DOL Windows-based server environment for APEX development in preparation for an APEX pilot project. This included

Installation of Oracle Database EE, prepped for APEX
Installation / Upgrade to APEX 4.1
Installation and Configuration of GlassFish/APEX-Listener
Apache configuration including url rewrites and proxy server config

Large University | U.S.

SkillBuilders provided APEX developers who were key contributors in the design and development of Stanford’s new Conflict of Interest/Disclosure APEX applications. These complex applications were mandated by the Public Health Service and had a very short time for delivery. During development, and in addition to design and development, the SkillBuilders team provided technical assistance and APEX knowledge transfer to University developers new to APEX. Phase 1 of this project completed UAT and went LIVE on time.

Brown University Facilities Management | Providence, RI

Facilities Management Energy Efficiency Management (BEE)

SkillBuilders designed and developed an APEX-based Energy Efficiency Management system that allows vendors to input estimated energy savings for planned construction and upgrade projects for university buildings. The data is used to calculate Greenhouse Gas reduction and Internal Rate of Return for each project. Management is automatically notified when new projects await approval. Approved projects move through various workflow stages, including comparison of actual savings against original projections.

Facilities Management Reportal

Skillbuilders assisted Brown University in developing an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application to add extensive reporting functionality to its legacy facilities management system. The application leverages APEX’s powerful Interactive Reports, one of the key features of APEX.

Large U.S.-Based Pharmaceutical

Work Package Management Application Development

Skillbuilders helped Boehringer-Ingelheim to add clarity to the planning and control of its chemical compound testing. This was achieved by replacing multiple, complicated spreadsheets with one, easy to use, Oracle APEX application, combining data entry,reporting and visualization.

Training, Mentoring and Code Reviews

After training in-house programming staff on APEX basics, we provide ongoing application reviews and assist with the planning and development of new APEX applications. This also helps keep in-house staff up to speed on the latest APEX features and ensures the customer’s applications are built using APEX best practices.

BAE Systems | Manchester, New Hampshire.

BAE Systems, the world’s second largest defense, security and aerospace company, engaged us to streamline part of their purchasing process. As the lead Oracle Application Express (APEX) resource, Dan leveraged his knowledge of APEX, Oracle, and related web based technologies to help design and build a custom user interface on BAE’s existing Oracle EBS back end. Dan was an integral part of a team effort that took the project from behind to ahead of schedule while total staff was decreased. The project was completed on time and above expectations – a finished product which included additional deliverables.

Hudson Advisors | Dallas, Texas.

SkillBuilders developed a custom single sign-on solution allowing seamless navigation and integration between the customer’s Oracle E-Business applications and custom APEX applications. We also re-configured APEX to better integrate with Oracle EBS, allowing simplified application maintenance and more streamlined VPD policies. This significantly improved the performance of the integrated APEX application.

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