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Why Should You Choose Our APEX Development & Consultation Services

SkillBuilders offers expert task and project-level consulting and development work for Oracle APEX. If SkillBuilders is new to you, there are a few things you should know about us before anything else:


Specialized in Oracle

We have 28+ years of proven, hands-on Oracle database experience in fields like health care, education, military, retail, banking and many more.


Projects Never Outsourced

We never outsource a project. Our team is shown on this website.  You will know the person / people writing your code. If you hire SkillBuilders, you will talk with them regularly.


APEX App Development

If you ask the top dogs in the Oracle APEX community who to call for development help, SkillBuilders is mentioned.

Run your Oracle APEX Apps in the Cloud

Let SkillBuilders get you over the initial hump, to the point where you can be self-sufficient with your APEX stack in a cloud environment, be it Oracle Cloud or AWS.

Happy Clients from All Industries

We have 28+ years of proven, hands-on experience in fields like health care, education, military, retail, banking and many more. We’re happy to provide references – just give us a call.

“Skillbuilders came highly recommended to us as Oracle DB and APEX experts and they have repeatedly surpassed our expectations as an IT partner professional services firm. They are Knowledgeable, responsive, dedicated, extremely well prepared and well organized and always on task.

In an IT landscape full of tedious complexities with technology stacks and the wide and varied ways enterprise systems can be configured, Skillbuilders team has repeatedly shown that they know exactly where to look, diagnose the issue, recommend solutions and then plan and execute those recommendations resulting in exactly what was planned. No surprises, no hassles, just results. They are a part of our team at SGU.”

Amir Razzaghi - Senior IT Consultant, St. George’s University

SkillBuilders was asked to help extend the existing functionality and most importantly work on performance optimizations, after the original Monitor Time Tracking Tool application was designed and built in APEX 3.1.2 by a Fortune 500 Global Medical Company support team.

Not only did the SkillBuilders team deliver on time and budget but also extended the deliverables by migrating the old APEX theme to the latest Universal theme; all APEX PL/SQL code was reviewed, optimized and improved; legacy JavaScript code was re-done using built-in Dynamic Actions making long term applications support simpler and easier.This dramatically increased application popularity as the UI was modernized and running significantly faster with improvements done on the legacy code.

The great work was appreciated by the Global Medical Company team making Skillbuilders their APEX support partner of choice!

Global Medical Company - Time Monitor Application

The Corona virus pandemic and the uncertainty it has caused has left many retail companies struggling to cope with the changing environment.

A client of ours with it’s 400 plus stores nationwide was finding it difficult to keep track and communicate which stores were open, which were closed and the status regarding reopening and ecommerce.

Skillbuilders provided assistance by developing a simple but effective APEX application to manage this situation.
The project was completed in just a couple of days thanks to the brand new APEX_DATA_PARSER package allowing the direct import of Excel spreadsheets.

Shoe Carnival

Oracle APEX Development Questions

  • Can you help with FORMS migration?

    Yes, Skillbuilders can assist with the migration of Forms to APEX with the focus being on the transition from a data entry to a business process flow paradigm.

  • Can you help us with APEX Upgrades?
    Yes, Skillbuilders can assist in APEX upgrades and patches. Assistance can also be given to find solutions to application issues arising from upgrades.
  • Do you have experience integrating APEX with external systems?
    Yes, we have experience integrating with external systems for the purpose of authentication and authorization, and for data management using web services.
  • Do you work with existing apps, specifically maintenance/new features? We need help with APEX development, can you support us on the way?

    Yes we do, we can assist with existing application maintenance and future development, and provide training and mentoring on the latest features.

  • Do you do security reviews and code reviews?
    Yes, we can do security reviews and code reviews and at the same time provide assistance in coding standards and application best practices.
  • We are getting started with APEX. Can you help?
    Yes, we can assist with all levels of expertise. Whether it be for experienced programmers moving to APEX from another technology or complete beginners, Skillbuilders can provide training across the whole Oracle stack (Database design, DB Admin, SQL, PL/SQL, APEX).
  • Can you help us with APEX printing and report migration?

    Yes, we recommend APEX Office Print (AOP) as the most comprehensive and cost effective solution. We can assist in the implementation and use of AOP in APEX applications.

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