Oracle Database, APEX and OCI Mentoring

SkillBuilders wants to enable you to be self-sufficient.  We mentor individuals or small groups of technical people in Oracle Administration, Oracle APEX and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).  We can:

  • Provide online or on-site sessions to deliver a combination of skills transfer and consulting. For example, our coach may use some excerpts of our training materials to provide an extremely focused skills transfer followed by implementing a related solution on your system. Via notes taken by mentees, course materials, screen snaps, and files containing code, scripts, commands, etc, then resulting deliverables include knowledge transfer, documentation, a well-designed solution -incorporating best practices – implemented in your environment.
  • Conduct discovery sessions where our mentor learns your goals and, if applicable, reviews the design of your proposed solution.  We would suggest Best Practices and work with your team to incorporate same in the design. After potential design adjustments we can walk the mentees through the implementation on your system, be it code, declarative techniques or a product/option (e.g. Oracle Data Guard). Or a combination of the above.
  • Provide application or architecture design reviews (often preceded by a technical Health Check)
  • And more…

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A recent APEX Mentoring Success Story:

Our APEX expert Tyson Jouglet provided APEX mentoring to technical personnel at an Ivy League University in Cambridge, MA.  Mentoring summary:
  • Helped by adding custom JS modules to their application including an image resize/cropper.
  • Provided an understanding of the power of classic reports and utilizing the various prebuilt templates.
  • Simplified UI design and workflow to make applications more understandable.

All of these things were accomplished in small incremental steps through mentoring sessions with SkillBuilders developers and amplifying the existing skills of the mentee.

This review comes from the Director of Development Technology at the University, one of the mentoring program attendees:

Would you consider the mentoring you have received a success? If yes, why?

Yes, would actually call the sessions Performance Coaching or Pier Programming.  He feels the sessions bring the best out of him.

Has it increased your productivity?

Yes, very much so.

Has it made APEX more popular at your organization?

Yes, almost to a fault.  Success of the applications they have worked has increased his workload.

What impresses you most about working with Tyson?

Tyson is a teacher by nature, he goes the extra mile.  Makes sure the code is scalable and will grow with the application.  Points out the shortcuts.

How would you describe the sessions? Mentoring, learning, coaching, training, experimenting?


Would you recommend SkillBuilders mentoring / coaching to others?

Definitely, Yes