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A Free Database Manager for Oracle Database XE, SE2 and even EE!

SB-ODM 2.1 is HERE!

Support for Multi-Tenant (CDB / PDB) Databases, Oracle 12c and Above! Download NOW (Use Download Tab Above).

SB-ODM, SkillBuilders Oracle Database Manager – is a FREE lightweight Oracle database administration tool.

SB-ODM is EASY To USE! It’s chock-full of features for everyday administration tasks including rman backup, datapump database export, datapump database import, apex exports, storage management, Oracle ASM management, tablespace management, database monitoring, system alert and alert log notifications. (Yes, metrics, thresholds and notifications even without EE and Packs!)

SB-ODM is completely extensible – schedule ANY OS script you want to run. And, easily create an APEX GUI for parameters if needed.

V2.1 is Here!

  • Pluggable Database Support!
  • Any database version including 18c and 19c!


SB-ODM is FREE. You can modify the code to meet your requirements!SB-ODM is essential for:

  • Oracle Express Edition (XE) users who need more functionality that provided with OEM Express Edition (the free management tool provided with XE database)
  • ISV’s shipping Oracle Database under an “embedded license” where OEM is not available
  • Standard Edition customers who need more features than available with “Oracle DB Express” (OEM DB Control is not available with 12c)
  • Enterprise Edition customers who don’t require the complexity or overhead of Cloud Control

In addition to standard administrative functions usually found in all administration tools, SB-ODM provides essential functionality that other tools simply do not have:

  • Schedule any OS Script with a GUI for Parameters
  • Scheduled Database Duplication (Clones)
  • APEX Application and Workspace Backups
  • Metric Threshold Alerts and Notifications, even with Standard Edition
  • Reporting and Management of ASM Storage
  • Scheduled APEX exports optionally includes exports (data pump) of the parsing schema(s).
  • View the execution plan of currently running SQL statements.
  • Scheduled execution of custom written PL/SQL blocks, existing stored procedures and custom written OS executables





SB-ODM is designed for for DBA’s or any technical personnel charged with Oracle Database administration; we think you will find it amazingly simple to use for a variety of day-to-day administration and monitoring tasks.

If you are using 12c Standard Edition (2) and are dissatisfied with “Database Express” or with the complexity of OEM Grid or Cloud Control for basic tasks, we think you will find SB-ODM a welcome alternative. Additionally, SB-ODM provides features that other tools simply do not have such as scheduled cloning and APEX exports.

SB-ODM is built with Oracle Application Express.

Here’s an overview of SB-ODM’s main features:

  • Support for Scheduled:
    • Cloning (Database Duplications)
    • APEX Application and Workspace Backups
    • RMAN Backups
    • Data Pump Export / Import
    • All jobs are logged and email notification can be configured for job completion
  • Also support for:
    • E-Mail notifications for threshold alerts and database errors, even with Standard Edition
    • Storage management, including ASM and Fast Recovery Area
    • User-customizable performance metrics
    • Displays for all sessions, waiting sessions, blocked sessions and active SQL
    • Editable online help module featuring topic to page linking
    • Application roles for application maintenance, database administration and monitoring only
    • Comprehensive error logging





  • User customizable region selection.
  • Three user-selectable charts of over a hundred critical metrics.
  • Reports unacknowledged server alert log entries. Report entries can be controlled by user defined filters. Scanned every five minutes.
  • Reports unacknowledged system generated alerts and user defined threshold alerts.
  • Reports unacknowledged internal application errors.
  • Reports unacknowledged OS filesystem usage alerts.
  • Reports unacknowledged Fast Recovery Area usage alerts.
  • Lists all database instance parameters.
  • Lists all recent RMAN backups.
  • Shows all current user sessions.
  • Shows all currently waiting sessions.
  • Shows all currently blocked sessions.
  • Shows currently running SQL statements.
  • Updated every five seconds.





  • Alerts based on configurable metric thresholds
  • Stateful alerts (eg, tablespace usage) and non-stateful (eg, elapsed time per call)
  • More than two hundred possible metrics
  • Lists all system and user defined alerts, acknowledged and unacknowledged
  • E-mail notifications to nominated users





  • Lists the RMAN configuration
  • Facilitates the setting of the most important RMAN parameters for disk and media manager backups.
  • Facilitates job scheduling of one or more RMAN disk and media manager backups.
  • Immediate, once and repeated schedules.
  • Lists available backup sets.
  • Comprehensive logging of all backup operations.




Database Duplication (Clone)

  • Facilitates job scheduling of one or more database duplication (Clone) operations.
  • Immediate, once and repeated schedules.
  • Duplication to local and remote server is supported.
  • Comprehensive logging of all database duplication operations.




Export – Import

  • Full, Tablespace, Schema and Table exports
  • Facilitates job scheduling of one or more export operations.
  • Immediate, once and repeated schedules.
  • Schema and Table imports including schema and tablespace remap and selectableTable Exists Action.
  • Comprehensive logging of all export and import operations.
  • Oracle directory creation to facilitate alternative dump file locations.






  • Database user management including the setting of password, password expiry, account locking, default tablespaces, tablespace quotas, database roles, system privileges.
  • Tree and list view of all database schema objects.
  • Compilation of stored program type objects.
  • Table and Index reorganization.
  • Lists of all database metrics.
  • Current and historical (last two days) charts of all metrics.
  • Shows the server alert logs. Database, listener and ASM logs.
  • Lists all application scheduled jobs.
  • Shows the database scheduler log.





  • Creation and modification of Tablespaces and Datafiles.
  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) administration.
  • View of ASM status and parameters.
  • Chart of ASM disk group usage.
  • ASM disk group creation and modification.
  • Chart and list of the Fast Recovery Area usage.




Application Express (APEX)

  • Facilitates job scheduling of one or more APEX export operations.
  • Immediate, once and repeated schedules.
  • Workspace and application exports are supported.
  • Comprehensive logging of all APEX export operations.





  • Flexible application configuration for operating system directory locations, E-Mail settings, ASM settings etc.
  • Application user management.
  • Application roles.
  • Extensible job template library.
  • All job logs of any category (Backup, Clone etc.)
  • SQL scripts repository with edit and upload capability.
  • Running of SQL scripts.
  • Comprehensive logging of all SQL script operations.
  • File repository with upload and write to operating system capability.
  • Manage alert log filters. Allows contains and does not contain filters.
  • View application error log. Acknowledged and unacknowledged.


Contact us at (888) 803-5607 (01-401-783-6172 outside U.S.) or email us to see how we can help you.



ALATO Webinar recorded Dec 22

How to Clone with SB-ODM

How to Set Thresholds Alerts and Notifications in SB-ODM




Technical Specifications

V2.0 SB-ODM supports:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux and any UNIX supporting a bash shell.
  • Oracle Editions: ENTERPRISE, STANDARD and EXPRESS in Non-CDB.
  • Oracle Versions: 11g R2 and above, Non-Pluggable.
  • APEX Versions: V5 and above (Universal Theme).
  • Installation, see: SkillBuilders-Oracle-Database-Manager-200.pdf


V2.0 Caveats


  • From Oracle Database 12.2 and up ASM is not supported.   (Feb 12 Update: V2.1 will support, coming in March.)


  • If installed on a Pluggable Database, Main metrics page is essentially empty. Pluggable Databases do not support Charts of System Metrics. The cause is that the data dictionary views have been removed.  (Feb 12 Update: V2.1 will support, coming in March.)


  • To make RMAN work in a Pluggable Database (and other functionality), you must manually update scripts. All scripts use standard connection method, “connect / as sysdba”.  Update scripts to use the correct , sqlnet connect string, for example:   Connect username / pwd @ host. (Feb 12 Update: V2.1 will include these updates.)
    1. Outside of ODM, execute a SQL UPATE statement on the ODM configuration table, set locked=’N’
    2. Use ODM to find and update scripts.  See “Home / Application / Internals / Job Library”
    3. Outside of ODM, execute a SQL UPATE statement on the ODM configuration table, set locked=’Y’


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