Rapid Development with the Grails Platform

Grails is a dynamic-language based, complete-stack framework that brings simplicity and elegance to web development. It uses the Groovy programming language to work with the existing, mature open-source projects Spring, Hibernate, and SiteMesh. Through its plug-in system, it incorporates many other projects as well, ranging from Quartz scheduling to GWT user interfaces to Spring (Acegi) Security, with more added all the time. This talk will demonstrate some of the main features of web site development with Grails, including:

  • Object-relational mapping with GORM
  • Scaffolding, both static and dynamic
  • Testing
  • Using RESTful web services
  • User interface design with Groovy Server Pages

Want to learn more Groovy? Instructor-Led, online class: Getting Started with Groovy and Grails!

Audience: Groovy developers and others interested in learning Grails.

Language: English

Date: Jul 9, 2010

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