New Application Builder and Responsive Theme (demonstration)

Introduction to APEX 5 Lesson 2


New Application Builder and Responsive Theme


>> Tyson:  The first thing I want to look at has to do with the application and the theme.


Here you can see this is the new universal theme and what’s really awesome about this theme is that one, it’s designed to be entirely responsive. So if I shrink my screen, you can see that everything is trying to minimize as best it can. Here you can see when it gets small enough, my reports now are stacking. So here I have one report and another report.




Maybe a concern or one issue that I have with the theme is that some of the contrast in the theme are almost too light for me. I almost wished there was a little more contrast in some of like this, the striping of this report. You’ll see also when I’m adding the application builder, you’ll see that the new theme sometimes degrades or a little bit light for me. I wish they would darken up a little bit.


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