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How do you code a mobile application? In this free tutorial you will learn about the most common patterns in mobile UI design as well as how such designs can be constructed in Oracle Application Express.  Don’t miss out on the free APEX Mobile App download (below).

Focus on the essential. Eliminate the superfluous. Less is more. Is this a Zen class or a session on mobile User Interface (UI) design? Actually, the two have more in common than you would think. The high demand for mobile Web applications is forcing Web developers to rethink UI design. After years of working with an abundance of pixels, this can be a difficult process and the actual implementation even more so. But it can also be very Zen like. In this session, attendees will learn about the most common patterns in mobile UI design as well as how such designs can be constructed in Oracle Application Express.

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This free tutorial is segmented into several separate lessons. Be sure to select the best (usually highest) resolution for your connection (while playing the video, see the arrow in the lower right corner).

  1. Introduction (6:04)
  2. Demonstration: Create the Mobile Application (6:06)
  3. Demonstration: Search Patterns (7:18)
  4. Demonstration: List Menu Basics (7:36)
  5. Demonstration: Tab Basics (8:16)
  6. Mobile Application Development Next Steps (5:09) (click on video below)
  7. Demonstration: Navigation with Springboards (8:00)

Date: Dec 5, 2012

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Mobile Application Development Next Steps

Zen and the Art of Mobile Development: Next Steps




>> Dan:  I just want to show some next steps for everybody. First, I recommend you get inspired. Go to, it’s the website for the book. None of the text is in it but a lot of the screenshots are, so that’s sufficient for you to serve as inspiration. You can go there and check those images out. 




After that, you might want to gain some knowledge. You don’t want to do what I did and disappoint yourself. Arm yourself with some knowledge. You can start by maybe going to 




Then you just need to get out and go play and perhaps the easiest way to get started with that, It’s a free hosted instance of APEX. It only takes a few minutes to have a workspace up and running and you could get started making some mobile applications. 




In summary, mobile apps are increasingly important these days. In a lot of cases, companies are creating the mobile version before the desktop version. And APEX can make creating mobile apps a lot easier than it would otherwise be. But it’s important to remember that mobile apps are not desktop apps, so if you’re experienced in one area and not the other, there will probably some learning that you need to do. But Mobile Patterns can help you. It can inspire you and just help solve common problems. So, just be ready to learn and open to change. 




I’d like to take a moment here to just do a couple of plugs, tell you about some upcoming events. We have our intro, advanced, HTML, CSS, and Java script classes coming up. You can see the dates for those here. 




Also, I want to give Dave just a moment to tell you about some of our services as well.


>> Dave:  Thanks, Dan. Thanks for a fantastic presentation. I really think a lot of people got a lot out of this. You know, folks, a lot of things that we do in addition to the training that we offer is we often do consulting and application development full life cycle. So if you want to get started faster than you think your training curve can take you or your staff’s training curve, we’re happy to come in and help and mentor you along the way. So, keep that in mind. We would love for you to give us a call and see how we can help you. 




I think there’s one summary question or one takeaway I’d like to re-emphasize here, Dan. There is a question on the queue, how can we change our existing applications to mobile apps? I don’t think there’s a click. It’s not a click away. Would that be a fair statement? There is a learning curve involved.


>> Dan:  Very fair. Yeah. Even if there was some kind of generator, it wouldn’t get it right. I guess my point here is that APEX will make creating mobile apps easier for you, but it’s going to require some thought, it’s going to require you to put some attention and some time into actually doing it to get the end user experience as good as it could be.




>> Dave:  That’s great. Let me throw one last question at you. 




The mobile functionality is implemented via jQuery Mobile. Are there any extensions to the APEX Java script API for mobile elements?




>> Dan:  Are there any extensions to the API for mobile elements? I’m not too sure where that question was going. But the jQuery Mobile library when it enhances elements to really get them working in the mobile world better, it does at the same time exposed to you the API. So if they provide, for example, a function then you do have access to it and you could perhaps utilize dynamic actions in APEX to work with those APIs.


>> Dave:  I think we need a little more clarification there. Well listen, Dan, unbelievable presentation as always. We will send you all for your attendees, we will send an e-mail out where you can review this tutorial as often as you wish and share it with your friends and we’ll put the link to download the app on that tutorial page. 


Thanks, everyone for attending. I appreciate it very much. Please contact us if you like to attend the class. You saw the list of class that are coming up or if we can help you get started with your APEX development a little faster than perhaps your learning curve would take you. 


So thanks again, everyone. Thank you, Dan, very much.


>> Dan:  Thanks, Dave. Thanks, everybody. Take care.

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