Getting Started with Oracle APEX

Learn what Oracle APEX is and learn how to build your first APEX application!

Taught by SkillBuilders’ Certified Oracle APEX Expert Tyson Jouglet.

More lessons coming soon!

Navigating APEX had to be removed – Sorry the video for lesson 5 was corrupted.  We will have it online ASAP.

Here’s your free Oracle APEX tutorial :

  1. Introduction and Agenda (0:43)
    A brief introduction and tutorial agenda
  2. What is Oracle APEX (3:11)
    Tyson explains what Oracle APEX is – A Rapid Application Development Environment – and compares it to MS Access, Excel and Java.
  3. Oracle APEX Development Approach (2:51)
    Learn the methodology for developing and Oracle APEX application.
  4. Oracle APEX Architecture (6:14) (click on video below)
    What are the components in an APEX application (e.g. browser, HTTP listener, APEX listener, database) and what is a workspace.
  5. The History of Oracle APEX (1:37)
    Is Oracle APEX a mature development platform? Is Oracle Corp committed to APEX. Learn the answers here.


Date: Apr 3, 2016

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