Introduction to Oracle APEX 5 – Free Video Tutorial

New to Oracle Application Express? This free tutorial by SkillBuilders’ Certified APEX Expert Tyson Jouglet will teach you the very basics of Oracle APEX;  perfect for developers or DBAs just getting started with APEX.  Modules 1 through 4 are also perfect for IT management, Analysts or anyone seeking an understanding of what Oracle APEX is, is best used for and a general understanding of how and where it fits in your enterprise.

This is an excerpt from Lesson 1 of SkillBuilders Introduction to Oracle APEX 5 course.

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. What is Oracle Application Express (APEX) (5:00)
    APEX is RAD! APEX is declarative! What is it best used for? And more…
  2. APEX History (3:30) (click on video below)
    Did you know that Oracle APEX was first released in 2004 at HTML DB? It is now, as of March 2016, up to Version 5.0.3.
  3. APEX Architecture (3:39)
    What components are involved in an APEX application; how do these components work together.
  4. Languages Used in an APEX Application (2:11)
    In this module learn what languages can be used in an APEX app and why you will want to eventually learn these languages.
  5. Hierarchy of APEX Constructs (3:39)
    What constructs (metadata) make an APEX application? An introduction to workspaces, applications, pages, regions, items and buttons – and the relationship between them.
  6. Introduction to the APEX Home Page and Workspaces (5:03)
    An introduction and demonstration of signing in to a workspace and understanding what is available on the APEX home page. Tyson also explores the packaged applications and the sample chart app.

Date: Mar 17, 2016

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.