Introduction to Oracle APEX 5 – Free Video Tutorial

New to Oracle Application Express? This free tutorial by SkillBuilders’ Certified APEX Expert Tyson Jouglet will teach you the very basics of Oracle APEX;  perfect for developers or DBAs just getting started with APEX.  Modules 1 through 4 are also perfect for IT management, Analysts or anyone seeking an understanding of what Oracle APEX is, is best used for and a general understanding of how and where it fits in your enterprise.

This is an excerpt from Lesson 1 of SkillBuilders Introduction to Oracle APEX 5 course.

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. What is Oracle Application Express (APEX) (5:00)
    APEX is RAD! APEX is declarative! What is it best used for? And more…
  2. APEX History (3:30)
    Did you know that Oracle APEX was first released in 2004 at HTML DB? It is now, as of March 2016, up to Version 5.0.3.
  3. APEX Architecture (3:39)
    What components are involved in an APEX application; how do these components work together.
  4. Languages Used in an APEX Application (2:11)
    In this module learn what languages can be used in an APEX app and why you will want to eventually learn these languages.
  5. Hierarchy of APEX Constructs (3:39) (click on video below)
    What constructs (metadata) make an APEX application? An introduction to workspaces, applications, pages, regions, items and buttons – and the relationship between them.
  6. Introduction to the APEX Home Page and Workspaces (5:03)
    An introduction and demonstration of signing in to a workspace and understanding what is available on the APEX home page. Tyson also explores the packaged applications and the sample chart app.

Date: Mar 17, 2016

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.