Recommendations and Next Steps

Oracle APEX Architecture and Listener Options 


Session 7 – SkillBuilders Recommendation, Next Steps


>> John:  Our recommendation? Definitely the APEX Listener. Why? Because it’s now Oracle’s recommendation. We believe that latest releases are now stable. It can support all the releases of the latest APEX. The future development path is certainly clear. 


Where to deploy it? I’m going to promote Glassfish because it’s license-free and Oracle stated it will be fully supported for the foreseeable future. But if you have a WebLogic license, sure by all means, deploy it through that. 




So what do you need to do next? You need to start assessing your APEX environments. Your current listening architecture, will it perform? Will it scale? Is it secure? Do your programmers need access to new facilities, RESTful services and so on? If they need the new facilities, you’ve got to really move to the APEX Listener. If they don’t, okay. You can delay. 




Definitely consider security audits. There are known issues with APEX applications. But there are solutions to all of them and the Glassfish APEX Listener part of the architecture should be totally secure. 


That pretty much means I’ve now run out of time.


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