SkillBuilders Oracle APEX Plug-In Super LOV 2.0

Since its introduction just over one year ago, the SkillBuilders Super LOV (list of values) free Oracle APEX plug-in has been our most popular plug-in by far. In short, Super LOV displays multi-column LOVs.

Free SkillBuilders Super LOV Download

To celebrate the Super LOV’s first birthday (a little belated),we are releasing version 2.0 which brings one of the most requested features since day one: Enterable! Of course enterable is only one of the many features offered by Super LOV at this point. In fact, Super LOV is so action-packed with features we thought it would be fun to create a video training series to show you how to use them all. So if you are in need of a multi-column LOV solution, or you’d simply like to learn more about installing and leveraging plug-ins in APEX, watch these videos.

This free training is segmented in several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction to Super LOV 2.0 (1:55)
    A brief introduction to the plug-in and the training agenda.
  2. Installing the Super LOV Plug-In (8:11)
    How to download and install the free plug-in. Helpful for anyone interested in learning plug-in installations.
  3. Basic Use and features of The Super LOV Plug-In (7:36)
    Learn how to use and adjust the settings for the Super LOV plug-in.
  4. Adjusting the Look and Feel of The Super-LOV Plug-In (10:57)
    Learn how to customize the look and feel of Super LOV with jQuery UI themes.
  5. Global Settings (3:27)
    Adjusting global settings including Clear Confirm, No Data Found message and Search Type.
  6. Other Instance Settings (10:38)
    Adjusting instance settings including Searchable Columns, Hidden Columns, Column to Item Mappings, “Enterable” and Value Validation.
  7. API Methods (6:28) (click on video below)
    Learn API methods including Hide/Show Item, Hide/Show Row, Enable/Disable and Get/Set by Return Value.
  8. Optional performance Upgrade (4:07)
    In this version of the plug-in, optional performance upgrades include Server Side PL/SQL Package Compilation and relocating Javascript files from the database to web server location.
  9. What’s next for Super LOV ? (1:52)
    What features is Dan planning next? Watch this video to find out, and submit your own ideas!

Date: Jan 12, 2012

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.