A Word About Webkit

Web Developer Primer for PL/SQL 


7. A Word About Webkit


>> Patrick:  Notice down here there’s this -webkit- syntax down at the bottom here? When I first looked at that that got me really confused because sometimes in the Chrome I’d see webkit and whereas in Firefox I’d see moz. I didn’t really know what was going on in there. So I just got to say a couple of words about that. 


You got to remember here even though that HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheet 3 are out there and being used in production, they’re still not finalized. Those standards are still works in progress, and so the individual browsers have made their best guess as to how to implement those or certain aspects of those. And so they end up with their prefix. 


For example, we have -moz- here for the Firefox, webkit for Chrome and Safari, O for Opera, and MS for Microsoft. If you want to know more and more about this, you can actually go to this site, This site is absolutely mandatory. It’s an extremely good reference site for the Cascading Style Sheet, HTML, and JavaScript. 




When you look at production Cascading Style Sheet files, you’ll actually see support for all of the browsers using the various syntax things here. At the very bottom usually they have the standard syntax which is the proposed syntax by the standards body. But depending on the version of your browser and the type of browser you have, one of these will be picked and the others will be ignored.


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