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Oracle Exadata Database Machine

A Database Machine is a massively scalable and fault tolerant piece of hardware (CPUs, RAM, discs, and networking: all perfectly balanced) combined with the Exadata smart storage software. A really powerful database server, with a disc subsystem that understands the database and take over a huge proportion of the data processing workload. This is the “offload processing” feature: no other platform can do this.

Experience shows that porting a database to a DB Machine is easy – but actually getting the benefits is harder. Before making the investment (a huge investment) in a DB Machine you will do a POC that shows that the applications work. That doesn’t mean they work as well as they could. Offload processing is more elusive than one might think, and to achieve it you may need to reconfigure your data structures and adjust your code. This is a non-trivial task that goes far beyond the usual SQL and segment tuning activities: it is a whole new layer of optimization.

We believe that the real ROI will come only from extensive work after the migration, as the application and the database are tuned to the capabilities of the Exadata platform. Yes, you will get an immediate performance boost – but you should be getting much more.

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Oracle Exadata Database Machine Tutorials
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  1. About the Exadata Hardware
  2. What Makes the DB Machine Special
  3. Smart Scan in Theory
  4. How Smart Scan Functions – Demo
  5. Smart Scan in Practice
  6. Making Smart Scan Work – Demo
  7. HCC in Theory
  8. HCC performance and Compression Ratio – Demo
  9. HCC Limitations and Best Practices
  10. HCC Compression Degradation Issue – Demo
  11. Exadata is Good But Not Easy

Let us help you optimize your applications for Exadata! Contact us at 1-401-783-6172 or email us.


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Smart Scan in Theory

The first feature I want to look at is Smart Scan. The Smart Scan capability allows the Exadata layer to take over a vast amount of the processing, the workflow to processing SQL, the offload, the workload, from the compute nodes to the cell nodes.

What can be offloaded? Row selection and column projection, conventional storage will do block serving. Your session issues a request, the storage system delivers the blocks in database buffer cache all of the dynamic regions of the PGA, and your session then has to filter the rows, extract the columns.

With the Smart Scan, the storage tier does not do block serving. The storage tier itself does the row filtering and the column projection and returns only the relevant columns, the relevant rows directly into the PGA of the session that would run the query. We bypass the buffer cache entirely. In addition to that and as part of the Smart Scan, many, many functions can also be evaluated by the cells, so I’ll show you a list of which functions can be evaluated shortly.

Of particular importance for the data warehouse application, simple drawings can be implemented within the cells, not all types of drawings, but simple drawings of fact tables, two-dimension tables. They can also be implemented in the storage tier.

The result of this is a vastly reduced amount of data traffic into the compute nodes. We do not have to flood the database buffer cache with many, many millions of blocks when perhaps all we need is a single scale or value. The CPU usage in the compute nodes is greatly reduced, particularly through offloading function evaluation, and the end result for the user is a terrific enhancement to response times.

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