PLSQL Best Practices with Steven Feuerstein

We’re always talking about best practice this, best practice that…well, this free tutorial teaches you what you should never do when writing programs in Oracle PL/SQL.  The advice ranges from attention to the smallest details, such as the problem with VARCHAR2(n) declarations to ways that we write SQL statements in our PL/SQL programs. Attendees of the webcast will come away with a deeper appreciation for the traps into which we can fall, and how to climb on out and bask in the sunshine of high quality code.

Your instructor, Steven Feuerstein,Oracle ACE Director Steven Feuerstein is an expert on the Oracle PL/SQL language, having written 10 books on PL/SQL, including Oracle PL/SQL Programming and Oracle PL/SQL Best Practices. He is Quest Software’s PL/SQL Evangelist and has been developing software since 1980. He’s twice received the Oracle Magazine PL/SQL Developer of the Year award and was the first recipient in 2009 of ODTUG’s Lifetime Achievement award.

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction (4:02)
  2. Best Practices with VARCHAR2 (7:23) (click on video below)
  3. Best Practices with Overloading (10:10)
  4. Best Practices with Error Handling (5:00)
  5. Best Practices with Bulk Processing (9:42)
  6. Best Practices with Top Down Design (8:35)
  7. Summary (3:06)


Date: Oct 25, 2011

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.