How to Convert an Oracle 12c Database to a Multitenant Pluggable Database (PDB)

Learn how to convert a Non-CDB Oracle 12c Database to a 12c Pluggable Database (PDB), i.e. how to plug in a “normal” (non-CDB) database into a 12c Container Database (CDB).

Oracle Certified Master John Watson, SkillBuilders Director of Oracle Database Services, provides an outstanding overview of the conversion process and method and provides a detailed demonstration.

This is the second tutorial in the series on 12c Multitenant database – see what-is-12c-multi-tenant-cdb-pdb-database for the first tutorial in the series.

For additional information on multi-tenant architecture an benefits , also see

This free Oracle 12c Multitenant tutorial is segmented into four separate lessons:

  1. Agenda (1:20)
    (click to read the Transcript)
    A brief introduction to the tutorial agenda, what we covered in the first Multitenant agenda and what we’ll cover in future multitenant tutorials.
  2. The Demonstration Environment (2:05) (click on video below)
    John shows us his demo environment, ie his “regular” non-CDB database and his 12c CDB database.
  3. The Conversion Process Explained (3:02)
    In this lesson John describes the process and precise method to do the conversion.
  4. Conversion Demonstration (10:26)
    The pièce de résistance! John demonstrates plugging in a 12c database into a mutlitenant Container Database (CDB). You’ll see examples of execute dbms_pdb to create the XML file, noncdb_to_pdb.sql to convert the data dictionary to work as a pluggable container and the “create pluggable database” command, and more.

Date: Aug 22, 2016

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