Oracle SQL Tuning Free Tutorial

There are often several ways to get the same answer from your Oracle Database.  But which version of the equivalent SQL query is faster? We need to learn how to tune SQL statements that produce equivalent results.

Listen and watch as Oracle Master John Watson demonstrates why not all equivalent SQL statements are created equal.
John demonstrates how SQL statements that produce equivalent result sets can have radically different response times, why this happens and common solutions.

In this free video tutorial, listen and watch as Oracle Master John Watson demonstrates why equivalent SQL statements are not all created equal when it comes to performance.

John demonstrates how SQL statements that produce equivalent result sets can have radically different response times, why this happens and common tuning solutions.

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction (including First Demonstration) (7:11)
  2. SubQuery Factoring (14:38)
  3. Star Transformations (15:55)
  4. Aggregations (8:16)
  5. Summary (3:31) (click on video below)

Date: Sep 12, 2012

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Oracle SQL 

5. Tuning Summary


>> John:  To conclude, there will be many cases where are equivalent SQLs – totally different SQL structures but because of the way the Oracle optimizer works or it doesn’t work some structures maybe far more efficient than others. The cost-based optimizer will of course do all sorts of rewrites but it needs all the help it can get. 

What I hope I’ve done in this short session is just point out a few of these structures that looks suspicious. A few of the structures that we would always question and I hope I’ve given you some tools to perhaps improve your own SQL and in the meantime back to you, Dave.


>> Dave:  Great. Thanks, John. 


During our normal online classes, folks, just you know that there is two-way communication between your instructor, myself, or John and you. Chatting is just one of the methods we use on the larger webinars because we have a few hundred people here today, so we would have chaos if we open the mics for everyone. But in the online training class, obviously the mics are open and you can use your telephone or Voice Over IP to communicate with your instructor. 

We do hope that we see you soon in either another webinar or if you need support for your Oracle database, we do build and support Oracle servers, systems, and applications. Many of you probably know then and again who heads up our APEX team. We’re just doing a lot of work for a lot of different people there, so if you need some APEX help let us know. But of course here on our side of fence, DBA, remote DBA, Oracle support, any Oracle services from installation to dispatching, creations – it’s ours. 

We also teach Oracle [2:09 inaudible] Oracle SQL tuning. There are two classes that are coming up very soon. We have a class that starts in the afternoons on Tuesdays, so it’s once a week, one session week starting September 18th. Just three hours a day. We found that to be convenient for some people and if you want to do it in a single week, half day session, that starts October 15th. 

Finally, yes this lesson has been recorded and assuming everything has gone smoothly, we will format this recording and put it up on the website, send you all a link so that you can review and learn from this recording as time goes by. 

I hope you’ll pass our name around and pass the links around to our website. You can find more information on us. It’s If you go to you’ll find John and myself and our team, our bios, and lots of good information about us and what we do. 


That’s it. Thank you all very much. I appreciate your participation and your questions. I know John does as well and we’ll be signing off for today. Have a good day, everyone.

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