Oracle 12c Flex ASM

Learn Oracle 12c Flex ASM, its advantages, and how to implement in this free tutorial from SkillBuilders.  We’ll explain why 12c is a mature and stable technology, what Grid Infrastructure is (GI is a prerequisite for using Flex ASM), and provide a demonstration on Flex ASM.  Free, from Oracle Certified Master John Watson and SkillBuilders.

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction to Flex ASM Tutorial (0:52)
  2. Oracle Database 12c is Stable (1:38) (click on video below)
  3. 12c Flex ASM Demonstration (5:16)
  4. Conclusion (:32)

Date: Jan 12, 2015

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.