Oracle 12c Security Transparent Sensitive Data Protection Tutorial

What is Oracle 12c Transparent Sensitive Data Protection?

Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (a 12c new feature) leverages the Virtual Private Database facility (available since release 8i) and the the Data Redaction facility (introduced in release 12.1.)  TSPD eases the process of implementing and managing either VPD or Redaction.

This tutorial will go through the old way of doing things with VPD: it was always a mission to set up, and because it operates at the row selection stage, sometimes hard to tune. Then we’ll look at Data Redaction: in some ways simpler than VPD, and because it operates at column projection stage, possibly better performing.

Everything discussed is Enterprise Edition, but no need to licence any additional options.

Presented by Oracle Certified Master John Watson, SkillBuilders’ Director of Oracle Database Services.

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This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Oracle 12c Security Tutorial Introduction (1:58)
  2. Oracle 12c Security Tutorial-Agenda (4:38)
  3. Review Oracle Virtual Private Database (12:29)
  4. Oracle Virtual Private Database FAQ (4:48)
  5. Oracle12c Data Redaction (6:52)
  6. Oracle12c Data Redaction FAQ (1:11)
  7. Oracle 12c Transparent Sensitive Data Protection TSDP (9:51)
  8. Oracle 12c Security Tutorial Summary (1:41) (click on video below)

Date: Sep 18, 2013

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Oracle 12c Security Tutorial Summary

Oracle Database 12c Security


Session 8 – Tutorial Summary




>> John:  Summary. Virtual Private Database can perform well. It is impossible to bypass under any circumstances no matter who’s using it and by what tool they’re using VPD is impossible to bypass. But it is a lot of work to setup particularly with regard to making it perform well. 


Data redaction is easier and, as I just mentioned, I do not believe it has a performance hit. In this first release, it is a bit limited so perhaps when it’s considered in conjunction with other access controls. 


TSDP takes away the pain at the business of the centralized administration is really nice. And never forget and anyone who spends time with me will know that I’m in love with the declarative techniques and this is all declarative. I, as DBA, go behind the back of the software, I can retrofit this, any of these facilities to existing applications that any developer inputs. 


Alright, back to you Dave.




>> Dave:  Thank you so much, John. A brilliant presentation. I appreciate it very much. So, folks, we’d like for you guys to keep us at SkillBuilders in mind – if you have any consulting needs, be it Oracle database or APEX consulting, perhaps your security issues, perhaps performance tuning, you might even think maybe it’s too small of a need. We handle very small issues. We can also do large projects for you.


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