Oracle ASM, Benefits, How ASM Works and Why ASM Performs so well

Oracle Automatic Storage Management may be the best thing to happen to Oracle this century, but the take up has been slow. How do you motivate the move to ASM? What are the benefits of ASM? How do you work with your system administrators? What is the interaction between ASM and the storage infrastructure? What is the interaction between ASM and the storage infrastructure? And, why is ASM the best performing storage management system for your Oracle Database!

These are the questions we will address, the answers should help you to launch an ASM implementation project.

Audience: Operating System Administrators, Storage Administrators, Oracle Administrators and Management responsible for Storage and / or Oracle Databases.

Presenter: John Watson, Oracle Certified Master

This free training is segmented into nine segments. Please excuse the background noise in the first few sessions (we’re Oracle Database experts, but obviously not recording experts!)

  1. Introduction (1:34)
    An introduction to John Watson, Dave Anderson and SkillBuilders
  2. Agenda (1:57)
    What John will teach in this tutorial.
  3. Introduction to Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and the Oracle Storage Model (15:32)
    What is ASM? This question is answered in this tutorial.
  4. The ASM Structures (Architecture Part 2) (3:04) (click on video below)
    John discusses what structures make up ASM. e.g. Instance, Diskgroups, Files, etc.
  5. The ASM Bootstrap (Architecture Part 3) (6:39)
    How does ASM start? What components are involved? John answers these questions (CSSD, ASM and RDBMS instances) in this tutorial.
  6. What Disks Can ASM Use? (9:09)
    Learn what disks can be used by ASM, such as raw disk partitions, LUNs, NAS, iSCSI, NFS.
  7. The ASMlib and udev Device Mapping (5:54)
    Learn what the ASM Library (ASMlib) does, the history of ASMLib and the alternative: udev.
  8. ASM and Your System Administrator and Their RAID Systems (1:38)
    Learn why it is important to work with your System Administrators…Using Oracle Pillar, Axiom, EMC CLARiiON, VNX, or an equivalent? Stripe on Stripe!
  9. Summary and Question and Answer Session (8:59)
    John summarizes why ASM can deliver fantastic performance, reminds the audience about ASM bundling with Standard and Enterprise Editions (no extra cost) and answers some great audience questions (from the original live delivery on December 20, 2012). For example, is ASM a single point of failure? Learn the answer in this lesson.

Date: Dec 20, 2012

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.