Oracle Database 12c New Features Free Tutorials: Identity Column

In Oracle 11g and earlier releases, “identity” columns, or numeric primary keys such as, for example a transaction number , where often handled by creating NUMBER column, a sequence, and a trigger to populate the column with unique, sequential numbers. Net: Work for the DBA or Developer. Clumsy: doing programmatically what the RDBMS should do by itself

Oracle 12c eliminates the need for sequences and triggers with the “identity column” feature, manifested in the new clause “generated as identity”.

In this tutorial, Oracle Certified Master John Watson will demonstrate the old and the new technique and, as he often does, reverse engineers the feature to show how Oracle actually implements it. Just for good measure John adds a few other useful insights.

Date: Feb 14, 2013

Need to Learn 12c New Features?   Class Starts November 17, with Oracle Master John Watson

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