Oracle OCA/OCP Exam Tutorial – Data Retrieval with SQL SELECT

This seminar series prepares you to pass your Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) exams.  It teaches you how to successfully answer questions to all the official Oracle OCA Exam Objectives.

This seminar addresses the first Oracle OCA Official Objective: “Data Retrieval Using the SQL SELECT Statement”.  Future seminars will cover all the other exam objectives required to obtain your OCA.

We will cover the following six major keys:
*Preliminary concepts: The dual table, case sensitivity/insensitivity, SQL, and statement terminators
*SELECT statement syntax and concepts: Projection, Selection, and Joins
*SELECT statement features including *, DISTINCT, column alias, literals, quotes in literals, and many others
*Datatypes and expressions
*NULLS: a detailed discussion of how to avoid problems with nulls
*And finally we will (anonymously) take and score a sample certification mini-exam

Your instructor, Geoff Wiland, has 25+ years of hands-on experience in the I.T. industry.  His last 10 years have been spent working with Oracle.  Geoff is also a frequent presenter at Oracle User Groups around the country.

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction to Data Retrieval with the SELECT Statement (2:25)
  2. Objectives (3:04)
  3. The Dual Table (5:09)
  4. Statement Terminators (2:00)
  5. Case & Column Alias (7:35)
  6. SQLPLUS (3:04)
  7. Selection, Projection and Join (1:59)
  8. SELECT Statement Syntax (1:25)
  9. SELECT Asterisk (1:12)
  10. SELECT Distinct (2:37)
  11. SELECT Concatenation and Literals (2:52)
  12. SELECT Column Aliases (0:52)
  13. SELECT Statement Quotes and Literals (3:38)
  14. SELECT Expressions Arithmetic and Date (6:20) (click on video below)
  15. SQL Datatypes (4:24)
  16. Oracle Nulls (2:46)

Date: Feb 29, 2012

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