The Top Ten Oracle Performance Tuning Mistakes: Connection Management

Oracle’s Performance Tuning Guide has a section headed ” The Top Ten Mistakes Found in Oracle Systems”. It describes them, but it doesn’t give solutions. We do.

This webinar will begin the process determining if your databases have these problems, and if so what to do about them.  Specifically, this session will deal with the problems – and solutions – caused by connection mis-management.

As always with a Skillbuilders webinar, we illustrate the issues and solutions with live demonstrations using release 11g (

Audience:  Operating System Administrators, Storage Administrators, Oracle Administrators and Management responsible for Storage and / or Oracle Databases.

Presenter: John Watson, Oracle Certified Master

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons. The 12c Video(s) will be made public when Oracle release Oracle Database 12c.

  1. Oracle 12c Multi-Threaded Database Demo (Reducing Connection Overhead)   (5:16)
    A preview of the complete tutorial.
  2. The Top Ten Oracle Database Tuning Mistakes: Session 1 Connection Management   (37:27) (click on video below)

Date: Feb 6, 2013

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.

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