What is Oracle Grid Infrastructure – A Free Tutorial

What is Grid Infrastructure? (Hint: It is not Grid Control.)

It is still possible to run an Oracle database without Oracle Grid Infrastructure. But is it sensible?  And, if you want to use ASM – which we strongly recommend – you need GI!

In this tutorial you will learn how Grid Infrastructure can replace (or complement) third party products for RAID, network management, and high availability. At the same time, using these facilities can improve performance dramatically. Grid Infrastructure is the way Oracle is moving, and we want to show you that it is not necessarily complicated and can indeed make your life simpler. It can also save you money.

Content: live demonstrations of configuring and using Grid Infrastructure services with release 11g.

Audience: DBAs looking for entry level knowledge of what Grid Infrastruture can do.

Presenter: John Watson, Oracle Certified Master DBA

This free training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction (1:35)
  2. Why All Administrators Need to Know Grid Infrastructure (3:27) (click on video below)
  3. Intro to Network Administration with Grid Infrastructure (3:18)
  4. Demonstration – Network Administration with Grid Infrastructure (5:46)
  5. Network Administration with Grid Infrastructure Q & A (3:28)
  6. Grid Infrastructure Licensing Tips (1:21)
  7. Grid Infrastructure Storage Management, ACFS, the Cloud File System (5:00)
  8. Demonstration: ACFS, Cloud File System, Storage Management (4:02)
  9. High Availability with Oracle Grid Infrastructure (10:50)
  10. SQL Net Listening Architecture and SCAN (4:26)
  11. Conclusion: Planning for Oracle 11g / 12c Grid Infrastructure (1:16)

Date: Feb 21, 2013

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.


Why All Administrators Need to Know Grid Infrastructure


>> John:  The subject I want to cover today is the absolute minimal level of knowledge that I strongly believe all administrators, system administrators as well as database administrators need to know. 


I want to cover the basic usage of Grid Infrastructure, the minimum that all administrators need to know. And I really do want to emphasize that it isn’t just database administration, it’s system administration. It’s even network administrators, storage administrators, all types of administrators, perhaps even payroll administrators. All types of administrators in a technical environment really do need to study Grid Infrastructure. 


Why? It’s because in the Oracle environment, the database administration and system administration roles are converging. The domains are merging together and all organizations now need to make a decision about where these functions actually should reside. 




From my own experience, it’s true to say that when implementing Grid Infrastructure most sites, the majority of sites add responsibilities to the database administration domain. But that isn’t always true. I’ve worked at sites, particularly sites where a Grid Infrastructure was replacing third party products such as Veritas Clusterware or IBM HACMP where the grid infrastructure administration is in fact given to the system administrators. 




There’s quite a lot of sense to that. What is Grid Infrastructure? It’s techniques for managing the network, managing storage, managing the clusterware, and that’s traditionally always been system administration work. But because the product comes from Oracle, probably the majority of sites it does tends to be the database administrators have to extend their role into the system administration domain. 




Whoever has the job of administering Grid Infrastructure, whether it’s the DBA or the SA, both sides need to understand it. 




I also want to emphasize that this is not about RAC. Of course with Grid Infrastructure is the platform on which RAC’s real application cluster databases will run in most circumstances. But most of what I’m going to cover in this short session is also applicable to a single instance databases and a lot of it is in fact applicable to applications that have nothing to do with databases at all. 


This is because Grid Infrastructure is a lot more than support services for RAC. It is indeed fully functional general purpose clusterware. 




The three major topics I’m going to go through are just some of the facilities that Grid Infrastructure provides for network administration. Some of the facilities are provided for storage administration. And if we have time, I want to run through some of the high availability capabilities that are provided by the clusterware part of Grid Infrastructure. 




First, network management.

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