Oracle 12c RAC Primer

In this two hour free training, Oracle Certified Master DBA John Watson will cover two lessons from our Oracle 12c RAC, Grid Infrastructure and ASM Administration course. The complete course begins January 23, 2017.

First, an investigation of the Grid Infrastructure architecture:
– The layers of clustering: the hardware cluster; the operating system cluster; the storage cluster; the database cluster
– Shared storage: use of ASM; third party clustered file systems; NFS; ACFS
– Networking: use of VIPs; public and private networks; name resolution; DHCP and GNS
– The two tier database listener model: SCAN listeners and node listeners

Second, converting a single instance database to a clustered database.

Lectures will be supported by live demonstrations of techniques using a cluster of Linux machines.

Date: Dec 8, 2016


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