Free Tutorial – ZFS Management System / ZFS Storage Appliance

This one-hour webinar provides a practical demonstration of the Oracle 7000 series storage appliance management software.

We’ll start with a brief summary of Oracle’s innovative ZFS File System.

This is followed by a short overview of the Storage appliance products themselves, and the benefits ZFS brings to them.

The main part of the webinar will then focus on a live demonstration of the management software, from installation configuration, through the selection and creation of the device’s storage model, to the creation and use of shares, and finally the software’s monitoring and performance analytics features.

The management software is the same across all 7000 series products, so the webinar will give a good insight into the ease in which any of the product range can be managed.

Your instructor, Mick Hosegood, has been involved with Sun and Solaris for over 19 years. He served in the role of support manager at ICL and UK Training manager (Customer and Internal) at Sun Microsystems UK.

This free training is segmented in several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction & Agenda (3:02)
    (click to read the Transcript)
  2. Introduction to ZFS What is ZFS (5:00) (click on video below)
  3. ZFS Storage Appliance Models (2:16)
  4. Introduction to the Demos (4:37)
  5. Demonstration – Configuring a ZFS Storage Appliance (13:39)
  6. Demonstration – ZFS Storage Appliance Details (19:18)

Date: Dec 22, 2011

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.