Free Tutorial – ZFS Management System / ZFS Storage Appliance

This one-hour webinar provides a practical demonstration of the Oracle 7000 series storage appliance management software.

We’ll start with a brief summary of Oracle’s innovative ZFS File System.

This is followed by a short overview of the Storage appliance products themselves, and the benefits ZFS brings to them.

The main part of the webinar will then focus on a live demonstration of the management software, from installation configuration, through the selection and creation of the device’s storage model, to the creation and use of shares, and finally the software’s monitoring and performance analytics features.

The management software is the same across all 7000 series products, so the webinar will give a good insight into the ease in which any of the product range can be managed.

Your instructor, Mick Hosegood, has been involved with Sun and Solaris for over 19 years. He served in the role of support manager at ICL and UK Training manager (Customer and Internal) at Sun Microsystems UK.

This free training is segmented in several separate lessons:

  1. Introduction & Agenda (3:02)
    (click to read the Transcript)
  2. Introduction to ZFS What is ZFS (5:00)
  3. ZFS Storage Appliance Models (2:16) (click on video below)
  4. Introduction to the Demos (4:37)
  5. Demonstration – Configuring a ZFS Storage Appliance (13:39)
  6. Demonstration – ZFS Storage Appliance Details (19:18)

Date: Dec 22, 2011

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ZFS Storage Appliance Models

ZFS Storage Appliances – Models (Part 3 of 6)


>> Mick:  There are three basic model ranges Рthe 7120, 7320, and 7420 Рthe 7420 being the top of the food chain as it were, which can store up to 1.15 petabytes of data. Starting with the 7120, anything from 20 terabytes up to the physical capacity of that system.


Each model can be expanded with additional disk shelves, additional flash storage. Obviously, it can be configured in the first place with the correct type of disks that you need to be using. As you can see here, the 7120 uses 7200 rpm disks, while the 7320 and 7420 can also use 15K SAS disks.


Also the higher end models can be configured in clusters failover. Some very advanced features there. Every protocol that you need for file sharing is present as we’ll see during the demonstration.


The system upgrade expose both as a nasty [1:22 inaudible] in network attached storage and the [1:25 inaudible]. So you can do FibreChannel and you can do NFS, whatever you need. And you can add extra devices for input/output. By default, the system has four 1 gig Ethernet interfaces which is pretty standard on most Oracle servers and appliances, but you can add another quad card, gigabit card, Infinibands, 10 gig Ethernet, which I’ve lots of mention here and also a FibreChannel HBOs. Obviously, the capacity options vary according to the model.


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