How to Reconfigure Solaris 11 Kernel Zone Resources

Learn how to configure Solaris 11 kernel zone (container) resources.  Oracle Certified Professional Solaris 11 Administrator Mick Hosegood demonstrates the commands and best practices in this free tutorial.

This free Solaris 11 training is segmented into several separate lessons:

  1. Tutorial Agenda and Review (2:34)
    In Lesson 1, Mick sets the tutorial agenda and provides a brief review of Part 1 “Configure and Install Solaris 11 Kernel Zones”.
  2. How to Determine Current Zone Resources (2:32)
    In lesson 2, Mick demonstrates how to determine what the current zone resources are. You’ll learn prsinfo, prtconf, dladm, zonestat, zonecfg and more.
  3. How to Update Solaris 11 Kernel Zone Resources (7:51) (click on video below)
    In this lesson, Mick demonstrates changing memory, network resources and more. You’ll see zonecfg, select capped memory, set physical, verify, add anet, dladm show-link.
  4. Memory Management Tips (1:34)
    In this lesson Oracle Certified Solaris 11 Administrator Mick Hosegood provides a memory management tip related to zone configuration.


Date: May 24, 2016

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