Rapid Deployment of Logical Domains / A Free Tutorial from SkillBuilders

Learn how to use ZFS backend storage for rapid deployment of Oracle VM Server for SPARC logical domains running the Solaris operating system.  Another name for this tutorial could be, “creating Solaris operating systems in minutes, not hours!”

This 1-hour free training covers the following topics:

  • Review of Control Domain configuration, using ZFS as the bootable root file system.
  • Creating a guest domain for use as a template (“Golden image”).
  • Creating a snapshot of the template logical domain.
  • Cloning the template to provision a new logical domain.
  • Creating and booting the cloned logical domain.


Free Video Tutorial: Deploying Logical Domains on a T-Series Server

  1. Introduction. Brief Review, Agenda and Introduction to Control Domains (10:36)
  2. Control Domains Demonstration, Guest Domains, IO Domains and more… (10:15)
  3. Guest Domains Demonstration (10:49)
  4. Guest Domains (continued) (9:46) (click on video below)
  5. Guest Domains Golden Image, Snapshots (10:09)


Date: Oct 26, 2011

NOTE: Some corporate firewalls will not allow videos hosted by YouTube.