Oracle APEX Hosting

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or AWS / Oracle Database SE2 or EE

100% Managed and Monitored by SkillBuilders. See the Packages.

SkillBuilders APEX Hosting is designed for Mission-Critical Production Applications. We host on Oracle Database SE or EE (production applications requiring tight security should not be run on Oracle Express Edition (XE).) We proactively monitor our APEX stacks 24/7. And, if you need support, you get one of us, 24 hours a day.  Our team is small, yet knowledgeable and worldwide (and friendly).

Our team consists of people with decades of Oracle Database and APEX experience. We provide smart solutions to administrative and application problems. Please – if you are considering hosting providers for a production application(s) – call us to schedule a conversation with our technical team.  1-401-783-6172

Shared & Dedicated APEX Packages

Shared Database on
Amazon AWS
  • Oracle Standard Edition (SE2)
    w Regularly Scheduled Maintenance
    – Database, APEX, ORDS, OS
  • Access to 3 Databases – Test, Dev and Production!
  • 2-Node Secure Architecture with Load Balancer
  • Guaranteed 1-Second Platform Response Time
  • 24 Hour Support w Guaranteed
    1-Hour Response Time
  • Monitored 24x7x365
  • Encryption at-rest and in-transit
  • Domain support with Free SSL Certificate
  • Printing with Apex Office Print, Free 500 per month
  • Daily Backups and APEX Exports. On-demand download to local storage.
  • 24 hour provisioning
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Toad / SQLPlus Access
Info & Pricing

Dedicated Database
Dedicated VMs
  • All Shared Features PLUS –

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or AWS
  • Oracle Database SE2 or EE
  • Dedicated virtual servers
  • VPN for Server Access
  • OS root access
  • Custom Designed Environments
Info & Pricing

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