Oracle Database 10g New Features by Example

By Dave Anderson
A Practical and Hands-On Introduction to Oracle Database 10g New Features

Spiral Bound 446 pages, Price $60.00(US)

Book Description

The essential step-by-step Oracle 10g new features course book for experienced Oracle9i Developers and Database Administrators.

This course book presents – in a succinct and practical fashion – an introduction to more than 120 new features introduced with Oracle Database 10g. Release 1 and Release 2 features are covered. If you are an experienced Oracle9i DBA or Developer, you will learn the concepts of a feature and receive – via more than 180 working examples – an introduction to the implementation and use of the feature. This book is an invaluable resource for those migrating to Oracle 10g. Scripts are available free .

The book’s design lends itself to classroom use or self-study. Most pages contain a “slide” at the top of the page that contains a working example or critical points about a feature. Below each slide are descriptive notes that expand on the points or provide insight into the example. (Look inside this book)

The book is spiral bound and will lay down flat making it easy to use when working at your computer.

Topics include:

  • Flashback Enhancements – Flashback Version Query, Flashback Transaction Query, LOB Handling with Flashback, Setting up for Flashback, Flashback Table, Flashback Drop Table and Recycle Bin management.
  • Backup and Recovery Enhancements – Flash Recovery Area, Flashback Database (setup, flashback logs and use), Restore Points, Simplified Recovery through RESETLOGS, Compressed Backups, Change Tracking, Incrementally Updated Image Copies, SWITCH DATABASE, New V$ Views, Encrypted Backups, DROP DATABASE, CATALOG, Oracle Secure Backup and more.
  • Automatic Storage Management – An introduction to Oracle’s new integrated file system and volume manager. Examples illustrate the basic use of ASM, including creating disk groups, fail groups, and using ASMCMD.
  • Job Scheduler – Use the new DBMS_SCHEDULER package to schedule jobs, including OS scripts. Examples illustrate creating and scheduling jobs in both a Linux and a Windows environment.
  • SQL Enhancements – Regular expressions, DML error logging, case-insensitive sort and search, MERGE enhancements, MODEL queries, XQUERY and much more.
  • PL/SQL Enhancements – The new optimizing compiler, compiler warning messages, debugging improvements, native compilation enhancements, UTL_MAIL and more.
  • Performance and Tuning Features – Automatic SGA Management, Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), Advisors (ADDM, SQL Tuning Advisor, etc), Active Session History data, new performance statistics (e.g. metrics and database time), Thresholds and Server-Generated Alerts, CBO Enhancements and much more.
  • Security and Auditing Enhancements – Changes to the CONNECT Role, FGAC Review, FGAC / VPD Enhancements, FGA Review, Fine Grained Auditing Enhancements, Encryption Enhancements, DBMS_CRYPTO Package (R1) and Transparent Data Encryption (R2).
  • Tablespace, Table and Segment Management – SYSAUX tablespace, BIGFILE and SMALLFILE tablespaces, database-level default tablespace, database-level default temp tablespace, temp tablespace groups, multi-platform transportable tablespace, renaming tablespaces, predicting object growth, online table redefinition enhancements and online segment shrink.
  • Utilities (Data Pump) – An example-based introduction to Data Pump, the next generation export / import utility. Also covered: External Table and Logminer enhancements.
  • SQL*Plus Enhancements – New predefined variables, SPOOL command enhancements, AUTOTRACE enhancements and more.
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements – Guaranteed UNDO retention, ROLLBACK monitoring, Easy Connect (EZCONNECT) connections, database high watermark recording, database feature usage tracking and new and deprecated initialization parameters.

What this course book is not :

  • This book is not an exhaustive treatment of each and every feature in Oracle 10g. Readers should expect to come away with a solid understanding of the features covered and their purpose. The material will provide, in most cases, the knowledge required to get started with use of or implementation of the feature or enhancement.
  • This book is not a rehashing of Oracle documentation or Oracle command syntax.
    Oracle Instructors Take Note: Instructor kits are available for purchase from the publisher’s web site.

About the Author
Dave Anderson has been working in the Information Technology industry as a developer, database administrator, author and teacher since 1980. He has developed and managed applications and databases for banks, retailers, a defense contractor and an oil company, to name a few. He is a frequent and highly rated speaker at Oracle industry events. Dave founded and is still employed by SkillBuilders, an IT training and consulting firm, located in Rhode Island , USA !

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Spiral Bound Paperback: 446 pages

Publisher: SkillBuilders, Inc. 2nd Edition July 2006

Language: English

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