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Mick Hosegood

Senior Unix, Solaris and Linux Technologist and Instructor

Solaris (all versions) and Linux administration, Shell scripting, Perl, SAMBA and Apache, Networks

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Mick has over 20 years of experience with Sun, SPARC and Solaris technologies. Mick is a OCP / Solaris 10 Administrator as well as a Solaris 10 Network Administrator Certified Expert. He recently completed installation and configuration of Solaris 10 and Oracle VM Server (formerly known as Sun Logical Domains) on a SPARC T3-2 server. He continues today to provide ongoing support for this environment. Mick has also served in the role of Training Manager (Customer and Internal) at Sun Microsystems UK. His involvement in training has also provided outstanding communication, troubleshooting and analysis skills.

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Professional Development

  • Oracle Certified Professioinal, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Achieved Entry Level/Mid-Range Server competencies in Sales, Pre-sales, and Installation
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration
  • Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Solaris 10 Network Administrator
  • Oracle Partner Network, Certified Specialist

Recent Success Stories

Authored courses designed to achieve the Sun Solaris Administrator Certification standards, and Linux RHCE and LPI exams.
Created and manages a medium size training network of 25 workstations, with 2 servers and some PCs.


  • Introductory and Advanced Solaris Subjects
  • Introductory and Advanced Linux Subjects
  • Perl
  • Framemaker
  • Samba
  • Apache

Industry Experience

SkillBuilders (2006-present) – Senior Instructor and Curriculum Developer

Solaris 10 (10/09) installation and configuration on a T3-2 server for a US-based healthcare insurer. Project included:

  • Installation of Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1 software.
  • Control domain and IO domain configurations, with Direct IO sharing of 2 PCI buses.
  • Creation of Virtual disks using Multipathing and load-balancing techniques.
  • Creation of 6 Logical domains on ZFS devices, with IPMP network configurations.
  • The above creation of LDOMs used rapid deployment techniques with cloned ZFS snapshots of a pre-prepared patched Solaris system.
  • Provide ongoing support and mentoring of the site sysadmin.

Ongoing RedHat Linux server stabilisation for US medical company, involving HP servers, RAID arrays and Oracle databases.

Major RedHat Linux administration training project carried out for the US Air Force based in the UK, and a similar project for a major UK/European Bank. (Over 30 personnel in all)

Solaris to Linux conversion courses for administrators at three large UK Universities, and the UK National Oceanographic Centre.

Various other ad-hoc Solaris consulting and troubleshooting projects for a local IT company in Newark.(UK)

Previous Training engagements include:

  • 3-month training project for Morgan Stanley in London, which included the courseware development for their highly-tweaked Solaris systems, plus training delivery.
  • Linux training for the Diamond Light Source project at Harwell, UK.
  • Solaris 10 Update for a major international bank, for 60 administrators over several weeks.
  • Solaris 10 training for a Silicon Valley startup.


First Alternative (1989-2007) – Senior Instructor and Curriculum Developer

  • offered an extensive range of independent courses, covering Solaris, Linux, Perl, Apache, SAMBA and other topics. Solaris courses start at novice level, through shell programming to advanced administration level, and are suitable for Solaris Certification exams. Mick’s technical strength lies in the Solaris and Linux areas. He have authored all the courses, and regularly taught them. The courses are designed to achieve the Sun Solaris Administrator Certification standards, and Linux RHCE and LPI exams.


Sun Microsystems (1985-1989) Tech support, trainer, training manager

  • Started as Tech support technician in Sun’s early days at Ascot. Became the first training instructor for Sun UK (probably in Europe also!) Trained internal technicians, and wrote and ran first customer courses. Became UK Customer Training Manager. Responsible for growth of training department, culminating in a 2 million-pound business with two centres and 12-15 staff.
    • Courses written and presented at Sun:
      • Introduction to Solaris
      • Solaris for Users
      • Solaris Systems and Network Administration
      • Solaris Advanced Administration.
      • Shell Programming

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