Intro to XML
Welcome to the XML Overview Tutorial This lesson tells you how the tutorial is structured and what topics will be covered.
Introducing XML A discussion of fundamental XML concepts and language structure.
XML Basics This lesson teaches you about XML documents. It discusse the syntax of an XML document and the concept of a well-formed document.
XML Content Models A discussion of content models, validation, schemas, DTDs and XML schemas.
Style Sheets A dialog about how style sheets can change how your XML document is displayed.
Other XML Languages An introduction to XHTML, XQuery, XLink and XPointer.
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Standard Schemas A survey of industry schemas including finXML.
XML in Action A discussion ovendor support, XML related products and some case studies.
Web Services How does Web Services fit in this picture?
XML and Java A discussion about using XML in java applications.
XML and Databases This lesson discusses what databases are XML friendly.
XML and IT A discussion of where XML should be used in your IT environment and how to’s to make your task simpler.
XML Tutorials from various classes
Introduction to XQuery A declarative language for extracting information stored in XML documents…
Using FLWOR XQuery’s feature closest to SQL select is FLWOR expression…
Controlling XSLT Output Branching & Looping; Sorting; Displaying Text & Numbers; XSLT Functions…
XSchema Basics Another from our Introduction to XML class.
XPath Basics Again, found in the Introduction to XML class.
Using XML in Applications Transfer Data in an application-independent way; Store document data in a searchable form…
SOAP Concepts, SOAP Requests, SOAP Response…
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