In 2008, SkillBuilders began the design and development of an Oracle APEX-based Energy Efficiency Management Tracking and Workflow application. This internet-facing APEX application (called “Brown Energy Efficiency”, or “BEE”) allows vendors to input estimated energy savings for planned construction and upgrade projects for university buildings. The data is then used to calculate Greenhouse Gas reduction and Internal Rate of Return for each project. Management is automatically notified when new projects await approval. Approved projects move through various workflow stages, including comparison of actual savings against original projections. Today, “BEE” remains a mission critical application for Engineers, Project Managers and vendors at Brown’s Facilities Management division.

In November of 2008, SkillBuilders was an instrumental partner in the deployment of this APEX application. The technology at the time included Oracle APEX 3.2, Oracle 9i, Oracle Application Server (OAS / iAS), Apache FOP. Since, SkillBuilders remains the sole Univertiry partner for BEE application enhancements and upgrades.

In 2011, Skillbuilders assisted Brown University in developing an Oracle Application Express application to add extensive reporting functionality to its legacy facilities management system. The application leverages APEX’s powerful Interactive Reports, one of the key features of APEX.

SkillBuilders also provides ongoing data center support such as Server Migrations and Database Tuning.