SkillBuilders completely renovated Santa Monica College’s (SMC) Oracle APEX Application known as “MyEdPlan”.

MyEdPlan is an internet-facing application that allows students to create their educational plan based on SMC enrollment requirements. It is one of the important applications that SMC students use.

MyEdPlan is built entirely using the latest techniques (Apex, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, drag and drop, etc.) and works on the PC and mobile devices.

Due to SkillBuilders extra attention on the user-interface with intuitive operations, the student is now able to create a complex education plan with almost no online nor counselor-based assistance. The system helps the student during the entire process the the creation of their education plan and immediately alerts the student when date/time conflicts occur, non-compatible or non-compliant courses are selected or similar situations occur.

Because of the specific nature of an education plan and the large amount of context information that is needed, using standard design patterns were no longer sufficient. Therefore new UI components were designed and built that are suited for the functions they need to support. Also a completely new color-design was created that suits a modern college as the SMC.

The application is 508 American Disabilities Act compliant, thus the application is not only operable with the mouse, but also operable solely using the keyboard. The application also supports a screen reader.