The Top Ten Oracle Performance Tuning Mistakes: Connection Management

Oracle’s Performance Tuning Guide has a section headed ” The Top Ten Mistakes Found in Oracle Systems”. It describes them, but it doesn’t give solutions. We do.

Specifically, this session will deal with the problems – and solutions – caused by connection mis-management.

This tutorial will begin the process determining if your databases have these problems, and if so what to do about them. As always with a Skillbuilders tutorial, we illustrate the issues and solutions with live demonstrations.

Audience:  Operating System Administrators, Storage Administrators, Oracle Administrators and Management responsible for Storage and / or Oracle Databases.

Presenter: John Watson, Oracle Certified Master

  1. Oracle 12c Multi-Threaded Database Demo (Reducing Connection Overhead)   (5:16)   (click on video below)
    A preview of the complete tutorial.
  2. The Top Ten Oracle Database Tuning Mistakes: Session 1 Connection Management   (37:27)

Date: Feb 6, 2013

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