OS Support & Services

Led by Mick Hosegood, SkillBuilders can provide a full long-term project team (OS & DB) , or provide short term advice and/or cover for specific requirements.

  • Stabilisation – Solaris & Linux analysis and patching/upgrading and monitoring.
  • Hardware (and database) upgrade requirements.
  • Configuration of Oracle VM Server for SPARC logical domains to host Oracle databases and applications.
  • Migration assistance of databases and associated applications to the T-series platform.
  • On-going services including database software upgrades, patching and tuning, plus Live Upgrade and patching to keep the Solaris OS up-to-date.
  • Similar services for M-series and Intel servers running Solaris and/or Linux, plus 7000 series Unified Storage solutions.
  • Mentoring, and ad-hoc training sessions, for in-house personnel.
  • Real-time guided work sessions, in collaboration with in-house personnel, for specific tasks such as LDOM creation, OS upgrades, installs, patching and reconfiguration.
  • The majority of these activities can be handled remotely by our consultants, with minimal or no travel/subsistence expenses.


Contact us at 1-401-783-6172 or email us to see how we can help you.

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