Geoffrey Wiland

Senior Instructor, Consultant & Technical Editor Oracle Database, SQL, PL/SQL, XML

CompTIA CTT+ Certified Trainer 

Oracle Database 11g Administrator


Geoff has over twenty-five years of extensive experience in all aspects of Information Technology. He is a trainer and consultant specializing in corporate training, management consulting, system design, and program implementation. He has extensive experience training in a host of modern development concepts, tools, and languages. In recent years he has specialized in Oracle and XML training.

Success Stories

  • Training success stories:
    • Geoff has presented talks, webinars and trainings to Oracle User Groups, companies, and individuals on a number of topics including:
      • Using XML in Oracle
      • SQL Tuning Tips
      • Oracle New Features for Developers
      • Oracle PL/SQL Programming
      • Understanding and Using PL/SQL Arrays and Bulk Processing
      • Using Oracle Analytic Functions
    • Geoff’s course evaluations have consistently averaged over 4.85 out of a maximum of 5.00 in all categories. Some recent testimonials and course evaluations included the following quotes:
      • The course was well tailored to the needs of our group and the instructor was very flexible about spending more time on topics of particular relevance to our team.
      • The instructor was dynamic and tailored the course to the level required of the students.
      • The training program was perfect. The class and instructorwere the best I have taken in my tenure here.
      • The gentleman can teach like no one else I’ve met. Please don’t accept a substitute!
      • This has to be one of the best training classes I’ve ever taken. Can’t wait for the next class!
      • The subject matter appeals to DBA’s of all levels without being presented in a fashion that was above the junior level or below the senior level DBA’s. The instructor has a wonderful presentation, overall manner and personality.

“I think the instructor, Geoffrey Wiland, was really good at explaining the code and the concepts. I would recommend him for future sql training.”Student from Independent Health, June 2015

  • Consulting success stories:

Geoff has developed special expertise in the design and implementation of database applications. Recent successful assignments include:

    • List billing, accounts receivable and commission systems for the medical insurance industry
    • System integration and upgrades for the energy industry
    • Litigation case tracking for the legal profession
    • Automation of electronic reporting of 1099 data to the IRS
    • Candidate review system for the executive search industry
    • Expense reporting system for the financial industry
    • Inventory control and analysis for the public sector
    • Contract and commission systems for the automobile insurance industry
    • Financial analysis of new business ventures for the automobile parking industry



  • Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, and 8i
  • Oracle development tools: SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Navigator
  • Introductory and Advanced XML technologies
  • Extensive experience teaching instructor-led classes in both on-site and eLearning environments
  • CompTIA CTT+ Certified Trainer
  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator

Industry Experience

  • SkillBuilders (1996 – present) Senior Instructor

Teaching Introductory and Advanced Oracle Subjects, Introductory Java Subjects, XML, Visual Basic and PowerBuilder.

  • Wiland Computer Enterprises (1989-present)

Principal Computer training and consulting company specializing in corporate training, management consulting, system design, and program implementation.


  • M.S. in Computer Science, Princeton University
  • M.S. in Management, C.W. Post College
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York

Teaching Philosophies:

  • Bring meaning to learned skills through real-life examples and experiences.
  • Tailor classes to specific client and student needs.
  • Bring fun to the classroom in order to encourage active participation and enhance learning.

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