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Universal Theme: Understanding Core Technology and Lesser-Known Features

October 8, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm UTC


The Universal Theme provides a plethora of tools to quickly build sleek and responsive applications. For more complex applications, you may want to either manipulate the page to perform certain actions or adjust the display. In this session we will explore custom responsive breakpoints, the underlying CSS principles of UT known as BEM, and the theme42 module for custom JavaScript components.”


UT: Universal Theme

  • What UT does really well
  • Responsive, Gorgeous, and Flexible
  • How do developers extend this functionality in a stable way?
  • Links to the helpful docs and shortcuts
  • Core technologies and features
  • Media queries and custom col classes
  • BEM: Block Element modifier and who to write reliable CSS
  • them42 JS module specific for theme42


UT: Understanding Technology

  • Media Queries and breakpoints
  • How APEX does this automatically
  • How to use col-X classes to override declarative positioning


UT: Understanding Technology Cont.

  • BEM – Block Element Modifier
  • How do we write CSS today?
  • How do we write maintainable, flexible, and reusable css?
  • CSS application order
  • What is specificity?
  • Why is it CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to strive for a flat level of specificity?


UT: Uncharted Territory

  • Brief overview of the JavaScript modules
  • demonstrating the theme42 module
  • component selectors: them42.PAGE_BODY, them42.BODY_ACTIONS…
  • avoid hard coding classes and redefining your own constants that already exist
  • triggering component actions: theme42.toggleWidgets
  • using actions column as fluid extension of report/form
  • initializing message features: theme42.configureSuccessMessages
  • easy entry point for configuring message behavior. More advanced options exist in apex.message

This webinar is intended for developers who have already built applications with APEX


Tyson Jouglet
David Anderson



October 8, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

All dates are in Eastern Time (ET).